Participation is a django apps that enables 3 features to make the site more “social”:

  • Vote : like or dislike
  • Comment: comments on nodes
  • Rating: 1 to 10 rating is enabled by default in nodeshot.conf.settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

How to disable

If you need to disable this feature altogether add this at the bottom of your



Admins can configure which of the above actions can be taken through the Admin Interface.

Participation actions can be enabled or disabled for an entire layer:


Or for a single node:



Inserting data

Comments, votes and ratings can be inserted through Nodeshot API or Open 311 API .

Querying data

Participation details about nodes are available through Nodeshot API.

In particular:

http://<server-name>/api/v1/participation/ will return participation data for all nodes


http://<server-name>/api/v1/<node_slug>/participation/ will return participation data for the specified node